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This website is new and will be updated regularly.  Last update was July 23, 1999.

DanSun Productions is a concert promotion company formed by
Danny Scher and Lori Sun-Look.   DanSun Productions specializes in producing jazz, international and Latin American music, with an emphasis on Cuban.

Danny worked for twenty-four years with Bill Graham Presents in many capacities, including booking, sponsorships and amphitheatre development.  His accomplishments include developing Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, the most successful amphitheatre in the country; creating and producing New Orleans by the Bay, the largest New Orleans food and music festival outside of New Orleans; and conceiving and procuring sponsorships with major national companies including Pepsi, Miller, Casio and the Gap.

In 1998, he sold his shares of stock in Bill Graham Presents to SFX Entertainment and continued working at BGP for one more year before starting DanSun Productions.

DanSun recently completed a concert tour and record with Narvin Kimball, a ninety-year old banjoist who is the last original member of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  The band consisted of musicians under thirty-years old and represented a seminal passing of the torch from the last surviving member from this century's original swingers to those who will swing the music into the next century.

The record, Ninety and Still Swinging, will be released by mid- summer 1999.  It can be ordered through this web site.







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